Prevent back pain while sunbathing

In this blog post we will discuss some tips on how to protect our self while enjoying this wonderful sunshine.

Sunbathing positions

Staying in one position for too long could incur in low back pain. It is important to have in mind that your back needs a rest from some positions.

The image below show how much pressure is created in our inter vertebral discs. The higher the number, it means there is more pressure in your low back possibly incurring in the onset of pain.

Lumbar disc pressure depending on positioning

Leaning forward and sitting

My advice as well as from the most recent evidence is to do not maintain a siting position for too long. It is good to stand up every 20-30 minutes to let your back rest, especially if you are sitting while leaning forward. Discomfort could present and prevent you from enjoying the wonderful Maltese sunshine!

low back pain and neck pain


The best position is the one that keep your spine neutral. Unfortunately we can try to improve the posture depending on the location and position.

Supine (on your back)

Laying flat on your back has been proven to give some rest your lo lumbar spine. My suggestion is to support under your knees can help to reduce the compression of the spinal joints. This will make this position helpful for facet joint pains or arthritic back problems. Further information here.  

If your sun bed is really soft and you are falling into it, my suggestion is to use a support for your low back. This can help to prevent your lower back flexing into the sunbed. Resulting in a helpful trick for those with disc problems. 

Prone (stomach sunbathing)

You should avoid this position to prevent your neck to become sore. Remeber not to use a pillow and keep it short. Having said this, it can be comfortable in the short term for many patients with lower back disc pain. 

Any further question?